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Den Danske Sky, is a jewelry store that mainly sells amber, in all shapes, sizes and colors.

All of our amber is selected from Danish first class quality of natural amber.

In order to highlight, the special and unique pieces of amber. It is being processed using a unique technology, as well as some of the pieces is paired up with, gold, silver and platinum, this to highlight every piece at its best.

Our goal is to honour the beauty of amber, as well as giving as many people as possible the option to own this amazing piece of history.

We have different varieties of amber products in our shops. Such as, jewelry, amber trees, amber magnets, amber key chains, amber wine bottle stoppers and so on.

The staff at our stores, will make every effort in providing you, with the highest quality of products, and put an honor in providing the ultimate service.

Amber is the gold of the north.

According to nordic mytologi, the fertility God Freja cried bitter tears when her husband Od dissapeared. The tears that landed on earth became gold, while the tears that landed in the sea became amber.

Amber is fosiled pine resin. A condition for the formation of amber, is that the pine resin ends up in the ocean, and stays there for at least 30 – 50 millions of years. Only after this long oxygen free process aswell as pressurization from the gravity of the ocean, it can be called true amber.

The oldest found amber is 235 million years old, and was found I Austria. The oldest found of Danish amber was found on the island of Bornholm and is 170 million years old. Amber is exquisite, light weight, warm, soft to the skin and with a great variety of different colors. The most common colors are, brown, yellow, orange, red and light green. Some of the more reare colors can be, blue, dark deep red and dark deep green. Since ancient times amber has been used for decoration, jewelry, trade merchandise and for medicinal purpose.

In the stoneage and forward to the time of the Vikings, amber has been used for trading and jewelry for women and men. Medicine men and women as well as doctors in some cultures used amber as a healing product. It is said that amber can help on inflammation as arthritis, pain and even help children trough teething.

Since the nobility became richer, amber was almost exclusively used as jewelry, and gifts in noble circles.

Amber is still exclusive merchandise, and the finest cuts are sold for 100 of thousands of kroner.

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